Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Interim Management | Business Consulting -
Focus: Transformation & Restructuring

Business model

Is your business model still competitive in times of digitalisation and artificial intelligence?

Processes and structures

How adaptable are your processes and structures to the demands of the markets ever-increasing speed and complexity?

Transformation / Restructuring

Do you need short-term support from an interim managing director for executing the necessary transformations or restructuring processes?

Interim management - bridging vacancies, designing processes for the future

Don't wait until others question or even destroy your business model or your current market. Take the initiative and ensure the future viability of your business!

I’d gladly help readjusting your business towards a prosperous future.

Closing gaps in the short term with an experienced interim CEO

Interim management is always in demand when a gap in a company's personnel structure needs to be filled quickly, competently and reliably. The reasons for this can be many and varied: temporary vacancies, pending restructuring or temporary support or advice for a one-off project. Hiring an interim CEO offers many advantages in this regard:

  • Swiftness: After initial discussions, I can start working in the company within a short time and initiate restructuring and transformation projekts.
  • Efficency: Instead of hiring new managers , I will only support your company as long as it is necessary on a project-by-project basis.
  • Know-how: As an experienced business leader and CSO, I can share my knowledge and experience with your employees, coach new leaders, and create sustainable structures that incorporate proven as well as modern technologies.

Customer centric Interim management

Whether consulting in the automotive industry or interim management in sales - in all my projects, I always maintain personal contact with all the companies and personalities in my wide-ranging network in order to have the right partners on hand for any process optimization as needed. In addition, I involve the company's employees and managers in my work on a long-term basis so that existing expertise can be passed on within the company in the long term. Because as an interim manager, I come to leave after the transformation project has been successfully implemented.