Manager as a Service for


Vacancy-cover on short notice as CEO, CSO and COO


Implementation of critical transformation projects incl. restructuring / turnaround management


Adapt organisational structures, processes, costs and business models

What you can expect from me


Benefit from new perspectives and neutral evaluation grounds, free from possible inhibitions of internal politics or personal interests. This allows for better scrutinization of established aspects and practices as well as the identification of potential strengths in order to develop new business segments or models.

Problem-solving paired with pragmaticism

You will receive solutions that are adapted to the strengths, culture and possibilities of your business and can be implemented in close proximity to the recognized problems.

Curiosity paired with empathy and intercultural sensibility

Your staff will be actively integrated into the problem-solving process to allow for swifter identification of problems as well as to combine internal experiences with external ideas and concepts.

Know-how and knowledge transfer

I will share my knowledge and experience together with your staff to ensure a lasting implementation of solutions and business models.

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