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Transformation and complexity have always been integral to our lives, whether professionally or under private circumstance. The largest difference today is the speed at which everything is occurring. Especially in the age of digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, existing traditional business models, products, technologies and services are being questioned at an ever-increasing rate, sometimes rendering them obsolete.


These disturbances remind me to be critical with the current attainments, to continuously question while remaining open to new ideas, challenges and partnerships as well as collaborations.

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In our connected and dynamic world causes and effects are hardly precisely determinable, let alone predictable. Yet in this environment, every day businesses and individuals have to make myriad decisions and arrangements that in turn interact with other, unfamiliar decisions; resulting in their strengthening, colliding or conditionality. This complexity undermines the human desire for planning, predictions and stability, in which situations and developments are simplified or judged in isolation to renew the notion of causality and predictive capacity.

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I understand this to necessitate clarity about business goals, simple and flexible structures, interdisciplinary teams and a culture that continuously encourages staff to react independently and, if necessary, unconventionally to changes and requirements to facilitate the longevity of company goals.

Moreover, the customer stands at the centre of the entrepreneurial actions. He remains actively and frequently involved in the process to help fashion and optimize the current and new internal as well as external processes, structures, technologies, services and products..

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